Main products sourced by NSRS

-Calcium Carbonate
-Sodium Carbonate
-Calcium Chloride
-Drilling Polymers (ask for details)
-Fluid control additives (ask for details)
-Emulsifiers (ask for details)
-Drilling mud surfactants (ask for details)
-Defoamers (ask for details)
-Citric acid


Bentonite plugging material is a 100% inorganic additive designed to minimize environmental impacts in hole-abandonment applications. The material is designed to offer superior sealing characteristics where low-permeability, flexible seals are required.


Calcium Carbonate:
An acid-soluble, bridging and weighting agent used in drilling, drill-in and workover/completion fluids.


Mica is a selected, nonabrasive mineral sourced as fine and coarse grades. Mica has no adverse effect on mud properties.


Sodium Carbonate:
Soda ash is the common name for sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). It is a weak base that is soluble in water and dissociates into sodium (Na) and carbonate (CO3) ions in solution. Calcium is present in many makeup waters and formations. It can cause flocculation of the mud, resulting in increased rheology, gel strengths, and fluid loss. High-filtrate calcium causes precipitation of calcium-sensitive additives.


Calcium Chloride:
(CaCl2 ) powder is a single salt used to form clear-brine workover and completion fluids.


Barite weight material is a high-quality, drilling-grade barite (barium sulfate) used to increase the density of drilling fluids. This high-specific-gravity mineral is the most widely used weight material, has application in all drilling fluid systems and meets all API specifications for barite.

Material can be used to increase the density of any mud system.


Clarified xanthan gum viscosifier produces elevated low-shear-rate viscosity and high, fragile gel strengths. These properties provide superior hole cleaning and suspension, improved hydraulics, and reduced torque and drag and assist in minimizing filtrate invasion.


Citric acid:
Provides a method for reducing the alkalinity (pH) of water-based drilling fluids, usually resulting from cement contamination while drilling out cement.